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Earn a 20% Commission For Each Sale You Refer. Plus Get 30% Off Your Clinic Orders!

Make easy money by just placing a customized MyPTStore link your site and start earning money without a lot of work.  


We Handle Everything!

Send the patient to your private labeled web site and we will handle the rest from shipping to customer service, and tax reporting.


Access to Hard to Find Items!

Save your patients time and money trying to search around town for those hard to find therapy items.  Wtih over 2000 products, MyPTStore has those hard to find therapy items and we will ship them right to your patient's door. 


Easily Access Your Clicks and Commissions!

The best part of our program is that you can always keep track of the success of your marketing efforts. We provide detailed reports to help you know where your marketing strategy succeeds and where you need to make changes.


We Pay You Monthly on All Sales Referred!

You will receive your commission payments at the end of each month.


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started?

Click the APPLY NOW button to join our affiliate program. When you join the program, we provide you with all the materials you need to start.    


What is the Cost?

Zero.... There is no cost for set up and there is no monthly fee.   It is absoluetely FREE.


How can I drive more sales?

The 10% Coupon Code that you are supplied at time of sign up is one of the best marketing tools that you have.   Print up a business card with your contact information, website, and coupon code and hand them out at health fairs, doctors offices, club etc.   You can also integrate the store and coupon code with your doctor referal forms or your take home eval forms.   Lastly, we provide table tents for the clinic to place in your waiting room, front desk, etc.


I don't want to make money on my patients

Not all MyPTStore Affiliates wish to profit from their stores.  If you prefer, you can choose to direct your 20% commision  to go to your favorite chartiy or booster club.  MyPTStore Affiliates who wish to direct their 20% to the charity of their choice will receive a FREE store.  You will receive the same benefits as with a paid store including the 30% off for clinic purchases and 10% off for your patients.


But I am not a sales person!

This is the biggest pushback that we get from therapists.  No one wants to feel like they are selling something.   Look at it as being a resource.  Many of the items required for home therapy are not your easy to find items that you can find at any store.  Not only are you helping them get these products faster to help excellerate their recovery, but the 10% coupon code is a nice way to say that you are giving them something back.   In todays medical environment, getting the patient better faster is the goal and the MyPTStore program helps you accomplish that.


Do you have reports of my activity?

Yes, we have detailed reports that will help you make the right decisions to help you earn more. Our reports include, click reports, sales reports, traffic comparison reports, orders per click reports, and many more reports.


Can I See a Sample Store?

Sure! Click the button below to view a sample MyPT Affilliate Store.

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