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Joining Our Affiliate Program

By filling out the signup form, you will automatically become an affiliate and are bound by the terms of this agreement. 



Affiliate agrees to pay MyPTStore a monthly service charge of $10.00 for account maintenance.   This fee will be waive durring the duration of the trial period.  The Affiliate is not responsible for any charges associated with the set up of the affiliate link.  Any charges associated with the placement of the link on the Affiliates web site is the responisibilty of the Affiliate.  All artwork for customization of of the site is the responisiblity of the  Affiliate.  




The Affiliate agrees to provide MyPTStore with a banner either in a jpeg or gif format not to exceed 72 x 500 pixels.



MyPTStore. agrees to pay the affiliate 20% of gross sales on all affiliate transactions.   Transactions using the 30% coupon code do no qualify and are not commisionable transactions.   Commisions to affiliates will be paid on a monthly basis on the 15th of the following month.  If the affiliates total commisions are less than $20.00, qualified commisions will be rolled over to the following month and paid when exceeds $20.00.



Affiliates can cancel at any time.   No penalties will occur for cancellation.